Bonus for the renovation of the facades of the buildings

Facade bonus

Bonus for the renovation of the facades of the buildings

The Italian Government has included in the Budget Law 2020, the "Facade Bonus", which consists in the possibility of deducting 90% of the expense, for those who carry out renovation works on the external part of a building.

This rule should encourage owners of historic and prestigious properties, as well as owners of villas and palaces, to renovate the facades of their properties.

Many cities on Lake Maggiore, thanks to this measure, could return to shine with beauty and elegance, as well as prestigious properties for sale.

Particularly interesting, there are two salient points of this facility.

There is no spending limit of 96 thousand euros per property unit.

In addition, the tax discount is also accessed in the case of ordinary maintenance work.

Therefore, even the only whitewashing of the external walls of a building can benefit from the deduction.

Consequently, the facade bonus also brings advantages for the construction of the external thermal coat or ventilated facade.

These solutions improve the comfort of period villas and improve energy efficiency.

The deduction also applies to works carried out on buildings, condominiums, villas and cottages.

The deduction is distributed over 10 years, as is the case for other existing bonuses.

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