One can find several reasons why it pays to invest in real estate in Baveno on Lake Maggiore. Here are some reasons:

1. Location: Baveno is located in a privileged position on the shores of Lake Maggiore, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The natural beauty of the area attracts visitors from all over the world, which can guarantee a constant influx of tourists and potential buyers.

2. Stability of the real estate market: over the years, the real estate market in Baveno has been relatively stable, with prices fluctuating moderately. This can make real estate investments in Baveno safer than in other areas where the real estate market is more volatile.

3. Potential for value increase: the real estate market in Baveno has seen a steady increase in value in recent years due to the growing attractiveness of the area. This means that an investment property in Baveno could potentially increase in value over time.

4. Short-term rentals: Baveno's location on Lake Maggiore makes it a popular tourist destination, which means that property investors can earn income by renting out their properties as holiday homes or short-term rentals.

In general, real estate investments in Baveno on Lake Maggiore could offer attractive opportunities for those looking to invest in a property in a popular and growing tourist area. However, as with any investment, it is important to conduct proper research and carefully evaluate the opportunities before making a decision.

  • Sale Villa Baveno


    Villa with dock Pieds dans l'eau for Sale in Baveno

      Price on request

    • 5 rooms
    • 4 bedrooms
    • 4 bathrooms
    • 350 m²

    Modern villa from the 1950s for sale in Italy Baveno, pieds dans l'eau, directly on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore. This prestigious villa represents a unique opportunity for those who wan ...

  • Sale Villa Baveno


    Period villa for sale with dock and swimming pool


    • 8 rooms
    • 6 bedrooms
    • 5 bathrooms
    • 542 m²

    Period villa with swimming pool for sale on Lake Maggiore in Baveno. This elegant exclusive villa has as a peculiarity, the proximity to the center of Baveno. In fact it is possible to walk to the b ...

  • Sale Villa Baveno


    Prestigious period villa for sale in Baveno in need of renovation


    • 8 rooms
    • 929 m²

    Elegant period villa for renovation on the Piedmont coast of Lake Maggiore. It is located in the centre of Baveno, a few steps from Lake Maggiore. It is located within an area of 4,500 sqm. The villa ...


Daily life in Baveno is characterised by a calm and relaxed pace, with many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

In general, the town is rather calm and peaceful, with a homely and welcoming atmosphere. There are basic shops and services such as supermarkets, pharmacies and banks, as well as some restaurants, bars and cafes. Many of the businesses and restaurants are concentrated around the marina, where one can also find souvenir and local product shops.

As for outdoor activities, the area offers numerous opportunities for hiking, walking and sports activities such as swimming, boating and fishing. There are also several beaches and public parks where one can relax and enjoy the view.

In addition, Baveno is well connected to other towns in the region, such as Verbania and Stresa, by public transport such as train and bus. There are also ferry services connecting Baveno to other locations on Lake Maggiore, including the famous Borromean Islands.

In conclusion, daily life in Baveno is characterised by a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, with many opportunities to enjoy the area's natural beauty and participate in outdoor activities.

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