A villa on Lake Maggiore is your dream!

One of the most beautiful lakes in Italy

Lake Maggiore (formerly known as Verbano) is the second largest basin of Italy, measuring 65 km in length. It is the second largest basin in Italy, stretching 150km between Piedmont, Lombardy, and Switzerland. 

The shores are home to architectural marvels and luxurious villas. The lake was ruled in the past by the powerful Borromeo, Sforza, and Visconti families. It has been a popular tourist destination and has helped to attract millions of foreign and Italian tourists to its amazing natural heritage. 

Lake Maggiore is protected and surrounded by mountains. It offers beautiful scenery, including traditional villages, green parks, and luxury homes scattered along its banks. It is a favorite spot for weekend getaways, but it has become a popular vacation location. Many people decide to purchase a second home to find peace and tranquility. 

Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful territories in our peninsula. Its stunning islands are home to a number of famous luxury villas, exceptional civil and religious architecture, remarkable botanical parks with rare species from around the globe, and paths for pleasant exploration. This is not surprising as rich Italian families have always been attracted to these areas. 

Arona and Stresa are just a few of the most prominent locations on the lake. Verbania, Angera, the Borromeo Islands archipelago, and Verbania are also among them. 

Stendhal stated, "If you have both a heart and shirt, then sell your shirt and go to Lake Maggiore." He was certain that no one would be able to resist the beauty of the lake, in which centuries-old trees, pine forests, and the blue sky reflect off the palaces and manicured Italian gardens. 

The lake is more than just contemplation. There are many activities you can do in these areas. 

These include paragliding and hang gliding as well as trekking, canoeing and sailing. Your Lake Maggiore dream home will allow you to indulge in luxury and enjoy the privacy of the area, which is only a few km from major Italian cities.


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