The ideal house is located on Lake Maggiore

You can find a property in the center, or far from the cities, and you will have all the comforts you need. But what is the house most desired by Italian families today? This is a non-trivial question, as it can have an impact on the economy of our country.

It is obvious that there is a cause and effect link between the pandemic and the desire for larger homes. This strengthened in the aftermath of the pandemic. This analysis clearly shows that people want larger homes than in 2017-2019.

The search for luxury villas on Lake Maggiore drops dramatically during the year of the lockdown. However, the following year it will immediately return to pre-pandemic levels. People prefer Lake Maggiore because they have the opportunity to enjoy green spaces. The percentage of people looking for houses with a park in Stresa or Lake Maggiore in general in 2020 is significantly higher than in the 2017-2019 period.

Not just parks or gardens, the demand for terraces for penthouses or lofts overlooking Lake Maggiore in Stresa has also grown. This is especially true of luxury properties.

Top spenders seek tranquility and will choose to live in the most elegant suburbs. The most desirable areas are those within 60 minutes of major cities.

We are also seeing a sharp increase in demand from abroad, especially from Europe. In particular from Switzerland, Germany and Holland where it is possible to reach Lake Maggiore in about 10 hours by car.

Distance learning and smart working have created a new way of living, where city dwellers seek refuge in quieter areas. Investors continue to be attracted to Lake Maggiore as a favorite place.

Villas, farmhouses and other prestigious properties offering ample space are reserved for the wealthy, but a new age stratification is applicable to the rest of society.

The most obvious consequence of the Covid epidemic in Italy is that young people are now being encouraged to buy a house, possibly with the help of their families and recent government subsidies. All age groups continue to love Lake Maggiore as a place to live or invest in a luxury property.


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