Why buy in Italy and in particular on Lake Maggiore?

The real estate market on Lake Maggiore is booming, as the property prices are rising fast. With the enchantment of its beautiful landscapes and the availability of bank loans, investing on the shores of Lake Maggiore is a safe investment. However, this investment must be done right to ensure success. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of living on the lake and the best ways to get started.

Despite the downturn, the real estate market on Lake Maggiore has experienced a significant uptick. In addition, it is easy to see why. Aside from the stunning landscapes, the region is also home to many wealthy families, including the Berlusconi, Versace, and Borromeo families. With this in mind, purchasing property on Lake Maggiore is a sound investment. Moreover, investing on Lake Maggiore means you will have the chance to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and a lucrative investment.

If you are planning to invest on the lake, you can invest in villas, apartments, and penthouses. The properties on the lake can be profitable investments for you. If you're looking to buy an apartment or villa in Stresa or Verbano area, Stresa Luxury Real Estate has a good portfolio of luxury properties.

The demand for Italian real estate is strong and rising. In Italy, the tourism-hotel sector has faced a few difficulties, but the region is still a popular destination. As a result, the property market has shown signs of growth. There have been more inquiries for homes on Lake Maggiore, and prices are still at an average level.

If you are planning to buy property in Italy, you should make sure that the location is good for your investment. It is important to be aware that the properties on the lake will be more expensive than those in other places. But if you plan to sell the property on Lake Maggiore, you should expect it to fetch a higher price due to the high demand.

The location of Lake Maggiore is an ideal investment. 80% of the area is within the Italian provinces and a part of Switzerland is located in the south of the lake. The climate on Lake Maggiore is mild year-round, making it a good choice for real estate. As a result, the property market on Lake Maggiore is thriving, with many investors are investing in the area.

The pandemic has encouraged many buyers, both foreign and Italian, to buy new properties in elegant tourist areas. This is happening on Lake Maggiore, which, thanks to its natural beauty, is pushing many buyers to invest in this area rather than on Lake Como.

The latter has always been highly sought after by both international jet set personalities and entrepreneurs. But after the pandemic there were also changes in the real estate market.

Buyers' interests have changed a lot, and not just because of low mortgage interest rates. Lake Maggiore, in particular its Piedmontese coast, is attracting many buyers who prefer it over Lake Como. The Piedmont side guarantees proximity to the Milan Malpensa international airport in just 45 minutes, and also the motorway or railway connections with the center of Milan are particularly convenient. 

Other factors that lead to the choice of Lake Maggiore are due to the favorable climate at any time of the year, the enchantment of the landscapes and the proximity to the main ski resorts. 

The New York Times recently published a report on the orientation of property sales, after the start of the pandemic on the two lakes, highlighting how houses on Lake Maggiore have a value less than 50% compared to those on Lake Como. With the same requirements, the properties on Lake Maggiore have an average value of 3,000 euros per square meter, while on Lake Como the average value varies between 6 and 7,000 per square meter.

The tendency of buyers is to consider the Italian real estate market always attractive, but preferring new locations, different from the usual ones considered to be more attractive.


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