A new way of living for the elderly

Senior housing

A new way of living for the elderly

Italy is among the least "young" nations in the world, this trend is increasingly accentuated also for the future.

The real estate sector will have to take this orientation into account in future plans.

From medical research, it appears that the age to be considered elderly is 75 years.

But it is clear that even people over the age of 75 continue to be very active and independent.

The European Union has already started a project for some time to promote the so-called active aging.

It allows the elderly to fulfill themselves in terms of employment, socio-cultural presence and independence.

The parameters taken into consideration are life expectancy, inner well-being, the use of technologies and the degree of connectivity.

In Italy, for those who are no longer entirely self-sufficient, and do not have the support of the family, we have resorted to nursing homes and retirement or nursing homes.

All this, with enormous costs for both families and society.

Another solution for a still self-sufficient person, who owns a real estate unit, is to sell the bare ownership, reserving the usufruct.

However, this practice, in addition to "losing" an asset in the hereditary axis, does not, however, solve the need for assistance and solitude.

In addition, the ordinary management costs are borne by the usufructuary, who will continue to use the property.

For some years now, the world of real estate has had access to the lights on a new product called senior housing.

The type of properties intended for senior housing consist of apartments whose internal distribution of spaces is configured to meet the new needs of residents.

The apartments for sale or rent have larger bathrooms available, with an additional room for a possible assistant or family member.

Basically, the focal point of these structures are the common spaces and services. The restaurant and the gym are important places to socialize in addition to the active medical center, for assistance.

All this allows you to meet the needs of autonomy and privacy, with those of living in a safe environment under the aspect of physical condition, which favors sociability.

Lake Maggiore, with its important towns such as Stresa, Arona and Verbania, is certainly an ideal tourist area to attract investments to develop elegant apartments for sale or for rent.

Our real estate agency Stresa Luxury Real Estate is able to propose and support investors interested in the development of properties for the construction of senior housing.


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