Villa Ostini: prestigious villa in Stresa

Real estate investments in Stresa

Villa Ostini: prestigious villa in Stresa

Talking about real estate investments in Stresa today necessarily means talking about the start of the renovation of Villa Ostini, an operation that has not gone unnoticed. Started at the end of 2019, they have now come to life and are proceeding at a fast pace. The intention of the owner, a foreign entrepreneur who wanted to keep his identity confidential, is to complete them by the end of 2020 to open their doors in 2021.

In terms of real estate investments in Stresa, this is only the latest in a series of renovations and modernizations that have seen the redevelopment of various structures. For example, we are talking about the renovation of the Fontana hotel, the expansion of Des Iles Borromées, and other minor projects that are confirming the interest of investors in our area.

The villa takes its name from the Ostini family of the same name, not new in the real estate sector. In fact, there is another Villa Ostini in the Novara area, whose name is Villa Castiglioni Orsini. It is a former castle, built in 1260 and transformed into the current villa only during the 18th century. This, after having belonged to several families, was bought by the Ostini family.

Villa Ostini will therefore become a beautiful luxury hotel, which will host 15 suites equipped with every comfort and dedicated to the most exclusive customers. When the renovations are completed, Stresa's offer and accommodation capacity will further increase, confirming the primacy of hospitality on Lake Maggiore.

In terms of real estate investments, therefore, Lake Maggiore, and in particular the Stresa area, continue to be a point of reference for demanding customers accustomed to a certain type of residence. All this thanks also to the wealth of luxurious and imposing villas on the coast, and with wonderful views of our lake and the inimitable Borromean islands.

All that remains is to wait for the renovation of Villa Ostini to finish, to finally be able to admire another splendid architectural jewel in all its splendor. As it should be for a property of this caliber.


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