Lake Maggiore. The real estate market after the Covid-19 emergency

Lake Maggiore. The real estate market after the Covid-19 emergency

The emergency caused by Covid19 had a strong impact on the real estate sector and on the economy in general, slowing the market at the beginning of the lockdown.

What we are observing in Stresa Luxury Real Estate is the return of the desire to buy a house on Lake Maggiore.

In fact, now the greatest demand is oriented towards villas, penthouses or apartments with gardens. Therefore, the trend that was initially feared negative was denied by the effervescent market trend. Domestic and foreign real estate investors have not lost interest in the Stresa area and Lake Maggiore.

A further reason that assists the positive trend is price stability. In fact, despite the increased demand, the prices on Lake Maggiore have not yet started to rise again.

Mortgage interest rates remain low, and even foreign customers can access them.

All this makes real estate investment even more stimulating.

Stresa Luxury Real Estate is able to follow the customer in this process, thanks to agreements with banks and financial brokers.

Many customers are wondering how to visit the properties.

In Stresa Luxury Real Estate we have enhanced digital tools to allow visits to be made remotely.

However, even the personal visits did not stop. They are carried out with safety and attention.

But for clients who do not feel safe or who cannot move, Stresa Luxury Real Estate has developed an interesting marketing plan.

With the 360 ​​° Virtual tours we are able to let our buyers visit the villa, comfortably seated on their sofa.

We organize live video calls, the customer can ask us to observe all the details of a villa for sale.

In addition, with the flight of the drone we take aerial shots, to allow you to see the position of the property and what is present around the property.

All this presents a complete view of the property, allowing you to carefully evaluate the property without leaving home.

Stresa Luxury Real Estate is close to you, always providing you with cutting-edge services.


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