The post Coronavirus real estate market: requests are growing on Lake Maggiore

The post Coronavirus real estate market: requests are growing on Lake Maggiore

The worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has upset our habits and our projects.

The months of lockdown were marked by strong fears and fears, accompanied by feelings of uncertainty about the future.

The real estate sector also had to deal with the stoppage of activities and the difficulties of reopening.

Yet, according to the "Financial Times", the Coronavirus has given a real driving force to the real estate market in the Lake Maggiore area.

After an initial stalemate, Stresa Luxury Real Estate observed an increase in requests across the entire Lake Maggiore area.

It is above all foreign demand that is growing: in fact about 65% of requests come from foreign customers.

French, British, Germans, but also Russians and Americans, are investing in the luxury real estate market of Stresa.

They prefer this area for the purchase of their prestigious villas.

In addition, Russian and American customers, despite the impossibility of reaching Lake Maggiore, express interest in purchasing by requesting information from our real estate agency via email and live tour.

The lockdown showed the importance of owning luxury properties with a park and large spaces, which can promote coexistence between people and moments of relaxation.

For this reason, many are rethinking their way of life, as well as their housing needs.

An elegant villa to buy with a view of Lake Maggiore, with a swimming pool and spaces where you can carry out your activities in peace thus become a real priority.

But not only has the foreign demand for second homes in Stresa and Lake Maggiore increased.

Applications from Italian buyers have seen a 20% increase in the past two months. It is above all the Milanese who seek an escape from the city towards the lakes of Northern Italy.

They are looking for penthouses with lake view terraces, villas and elegant apartments with swimming pool, farmhouses surrounded by greenery.

Property prices in this area have not undergone major changes following the lockdown.

In fact, according to a survey carried out by some real estate portals, the requested prices amounted to + 1% nationally compared to 2019.

In the final phase of the negotiation, greater elasticity is expected between the request and the final price.

Therefore in Italy, Lake Maggiore is confirmed as one of the privileged places for real estate investments.

Both by foreign and Italian buyers, thanks to its scenic beauty, its extraordinary quality of life, and its proximity to Milan, Switzerland and the most important ski resorts.


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