Brexit and real estate, the opportunities of the international market

Boris Johnson's unexpected and even resounding victory in the UK election will administer a dose of security to the real estate sector.

Looking at the UK housing market, there will be more opportunities, after perhaps the sector's fall in prices.

Analysts have positive feelings, they expect a new arrival of capital, as the supply of houses in London and throughout the country is still low compared to the demand.

In fact, experts and major players agree that in England there will be concrete effects for all markets, starting with real estate.

What emerges, allows the United Kingdom to get out of that impasse, which did not allow investors to plan in the long term.

Thanks to this new stability, the UK market will recover. The large international investors who, worried, had left the English market, due to the uncertainty that reigned, will probably return.

The hypotheses, for the other European capitals, Milan, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris, are also positive, since they have taken the place of London as financial centers, and will certainly benefit from this choice.

Some positive signs can also be perceived in the market of Lake Maggiore. In fact, in the recent past some English media have spent positive words on the prestigious villas of Stresa and the adjacent areas.

Buying a villa on Lake Maggiore is certainly a good investment, considering the stable price trend. Another fundamental factor for the purchase of a property on Lake Maggiore is the beauty of the places, with lush and flowery gardens.

Stresa Luxury Real Estate is able to assist you with your investments and purchases of luxury properties in London and around the world. In fact, thanks to our international networks, and we are able to direct our customers to the best real estate professionals.


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