• Sale Villa Stresa


    Prestigious period villa with park and lake Maggiore view for sale on the Stresa hill

      € 2,500,000

    • 9 rooms
    • 4 bedrooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • 630 m²

    In a panoramic position not far from the center of Stresa, in the locality of Binda, a period residence in neo-baroque style with an enchanting view of Lake Maggiore, and surrounded by a large park of ...

  • Sale Villa Somma Lombardo


    Charming property immersed in a centuries-old park

      € 2,500,000

    • 8 rooms
    • 5 bedrooms
    • 6 bathrooms
    • 841 m²

    Near Lake Maggiore, elegant property with swimming pool and park. The historic property consists of the manor house, the former stables, which were subsequently renovated, another guest house obtaine ...

  • Sale Villa Stresa Vedasco


    Prestigious period villa on the hill of Stresa

      € 2,200,000

    • 7 bedrooms
    • 7 bathrooms
    • 400 m²

    Luxurious Art Nouveau villa on the hills of Lake Maggiore. The historic villa is surrounded by a park of 10,000 square metres with a swimming pool and an annexe. From the property one can appreciate a ...

  • Sale Villa Casale Litta


    Prestigious property for sale near Varese

      € 1,400,000

    • 18 rooms
    • 2224 m²

    This prestigious historical property for sale, is located in the hamlet of a small town, Casale Litta, on the hills of the Varese area. It is a fascinating and prestigious ex-Benedictine monastery com ...

  • Sale Castle Golasecca


    Historic villa for sale in Golasecca

      € 750,000

    • 9 rooms
    • 6 bedrooms
    • 5 bathrooms
    • 550 m²

    On the banks of the Ticino river, in the municipality of Golasecca, a historic villa castle for sale built in 1890 by the architect Gagliardi. The location is a few kilometers from Lake Maggiore and ...

  • Sale Villa Gignese


    Period villa with park for sale in the hills of Lake Maggiore

      € 490,000

    • 8 rooms
    • 8 bedrooms
    • 4 bathrooms
    • 572 m²

    In Gignese on the hills of Lake Maggiore, a few kilometres from Stresa, an elegant period villa for sale from the 1940s. First of all, it is located adjacent to the historic centre of Gignese, with a ...

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