Is it time to buy a house on Lake Maggiore?

20 December 2020

Despite the pandemic and the economic slowdown, 69% of Italians declare an interest in buying or renovating a property.

This trend occurs thanks to particularly low mortgage rates and tax bonuses.

Furthermore, the change in life habits, for example smart working and greater sensitivity to reducing energy consumption, leads to these choices.

For Italians, the house remains the most interesting investment, even more important than in the past.

After the break required by the lockdown last spring, in which everyone found themselves locked in the house.

It has been understood what are the strengths and weaknesses of one's home.

Hence the desire for those who were not yet the owner to buy a property.

In the summer, there was a surge in purchase requests both in cities and in tourist resorts such as Lake Maggiore. On Lake Maggiore we have noticed an increase in demand for villas, houses and apartments with gardens and swimming pools.

This trend is found both on the Italian market and on foreign markets. In particular, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. This confirmation comes from the fact that the towns of Lake Maggiore can be reached quickly by car from these countries.

From some market surveys conducted by Assofin-Demetra, it appears that 46% of Italians want to buy a house in the next 5 years.

69% of respondents believe that today is a good time to buy, even excellent for 30%.

For the area of ​​Stresa and Lake Maggiore, these reasons are even more supported by the still interesting market value.

The determination to purchase houses and villas on Lake Maggiore stems from the fact that these locations offer a very high quality of life. In addition to the beauty of the places, safety and proximity to Switzerland and Milan, both destinations are less than an hour away by car.

In addition, the inability to move in recent months has also brought to light the defects of the houses we live in, making us want more attractive places to live.

But in addition to improving the quality of life, other fundamental aspects in finding a new home are practical ones.

For example, smart working, mortgages with a low interest rate, bonuses for renovations and energy savings

These points lead to the search for better and more performing homes, improving the quality of the real estate assets.

The arrival of Covid-19 made us discover smart working.

It will surely be part of our life for many of us.

This greater time spent at home has made it clear that some houses are unsuitable, because they are too small or lack terraces or gardens and perhaps even not very efficient from an energy point of view.

Today, with mortgages with a fixed rate of less than 1%, it is certainly easier to turn a desire into reality.

In conclusion, a real estate investment on Lake Maggiore today is even more interesting.

Buying a house on Lake Maggiore allows you to obtain economic savings, buy at still moderate prices (not for long) and enjoy the beauty that its localities offer.

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Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Lake Maggiore real estate market, we can recommend the best solution for your needs.

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