Festivals in Stresa: the gorgonzola one arrives

10 November 2019

There is no shortage of festivals in Stresa and its surroundings, and those who know even a little about our territory know this well.

And on November 17th comes that of gorgonzola, with a rich program of taste. In fact, in the historic center of our beautiful town, starting from 10 am until 6 pm, many chefs and restaurateurs will develop menus and preparations based on gorgonzola.

Moving instead towards Piazza Possi, starting from 11 am it will be possible to taste excellent tastings based on polenta concia and obviously polenta with gorgonzola.

But that is not all. Also in all bars and restaurants will be available themed menus and tastings based on this excellent and renowned cheese. In short, the conditions for a mouth-watering weekend are all there.

Among the festivals in Stresa, perhaps the gorgonzola festival is the "tastiest" one, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the events where the number of participants is always high. Probably the credit goes to the gorgonzola itself, a cheese with an intense flavor whose origins are still the subject of debate.

According to legend, gorgonzola was born by chance in Milan, more than 1,000 years ago (exactly in the year 879).

According to other scholars and researchers, however, the gorgonzola was born in 1816, in the caves of Valsassina, where thanks to the ideal temperature, it reaches the optimal maturation to be best enjoyed.

In any case, despite the origins and the heart of the production of this cheese are in Lombardy, gorgonzola has now also won an appointment among the festivals of half of Italy, and therefore also among the festivals in Stresa.

All that remains is to make an appointment on Lake Maggiore, where between the spectacle of the territory and the events, fairs and festivals in Stresa and its surroundings, it is really impossible to get bored.

And if you want to know other tourist details about the area, you can consult the Stresa tourism website, if instead, as often happens, you fall in love with these areas, then you can come and visit us, we are waiting for you here.

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